This page is dedicated to those who help us "survolve"...survive and evolve during this very sensitive time. 

Marys Place by the Sea, Ocean Grove NJ, an oceanside bed and breakfast respite, where women with all types of cancer can receive comfort and care, up to one year from diagnosis.  Services are complimentary and include oncological massage, nutritional counseling, integrative healing therapy, reiki, healing touch.

Center for Advancement in Cancer Education  bridges the gap between conventional and complimentary medicine and therapies.  My mentor, Dr. Susan Silberstein has blazed the trail so that we may bring evidence based research to those who need it NOW.

"Survolve, Small Changes, Big Results" my simple guide to help you along the way. It was written as a fundraiser to help educate, motivate and support those affected by cancer.

Available on Amazon and Kindle

Although I am not a "product" oriented practitioner, I do believe there are beneficial products to be used in your protocol.  Since 1999, had an affiliation with Trivita, which provides me with not only  sublingual B12 and D3, important when eating less or no meat protein.  Each day I use their alkaline powdered Vitamin C and do a lymphatic Vit C flush every 3 months.

Proceeds benefit helping others, as I do not believe lack of insurance coverage for alternative care should give us less of an opportunity to take care of ourselves.


Lise Battaglia, highly knowledgeable leader in Classical Homeopathy, Bach Flower Essences and Digestive issues.  She offers services via Skype, phone, and her Florida office.

Robert Ziemanis, L. Ac.,  specializes in Shakuju Therapy, a Japanese form of acupuncture or Acupuncture Core Therapy since it promotes healing at a deep cellular level. It is a gentle technique with a special designed needle which is not inserted into the skin.

Chaga Mountain, a family owned company  which provides high quality Chaga mushroom foraged in the forests of northwestern Maine.

A non-profit which helps late stage and childhood cancer and other severe diagnosis through organic, high quality CBD

Please know that I only recommend or suggest based on my personal use of products and/or services and do not receive anything in return.  My goal is to work together for everyone's benefit.

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