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Linda M. Jensen

Certified Holistic Cancer Support & Nutritional Educator

Complimentary & Alternative Medicine

Healing Arts Practitioner, Author

Linda Jensen brings a deep-seated, passionate motivation to her profession as a fully certified Cancer Support & Nutritional Educator Health Coach, and Healing Arts Practitioner.  The diagnosis of her 33-year old husband in 1980, to a very rare form of cancer, propelled her down a path of learning about pH-balance nutrition and holistic treatment, which she used to compliment the traditional medical therapy he received.

In 2004, caught up in the stresses of life, having left her own wellness on the back burner, she found herself facing a Stage-3 diagnosis of breast cancer.  This aggressive malignancy would require surgery, chemo and radiation therapy, and a strong will to survive.  She knew it was time to learn more about integrative health, nourishing the body, spirit and mind, to heal and treat herself - simply to survive. ​​​​​Linda specializes in the alkaline/acidic effects on the body (pH balance nutrition and trophology - food combining), truly defining 'healthy' eating, all the more crucial for those having been diagnosed with cancer.  Her practice incorporates Integrative Lifestyle Counseling, and the Healing Arts techniques of Jin Shin Jyutsu, Healing Touch, and Raindrop, all driven by the notion that optimal health is achieved by bringing balance and harmony to mind, body and spirit, starting at the cellular level. Her practice includes offering nutritional seminars for healthcare professionals; involvement in initiatives to bring healthy eating to local communities;  Linda counsels the guests at Marys Place by the Sea, a respite for women faced with the diagnosis of all types of cancer. 

Ms. Jensen is the author of “Survolve, Small Changes, Big Results” A guide written as a community fundraiser ( and holds the following certifications:
Health Coach/Trivita, Scottsdale AZ, 2000
Study of Macrobiotics/Kushi Institute, NY/2005
Healing Touch and Raindrop Technique/ Institute of Spiritual Healing & Aromatherapy, Aveda, CO 2008
Jin Shin Jyutsu/Morristown Memorial Hospital and ongoing studies, Red Bank & Scottsdale AZ/2009
Center for Advancement of Cancer Education, Philadelphia, PA by Dr. Susan Silberstein/2012, ongoing studies, access to research and resources
Certified Complimentary & Alternative Medicine, Middlesex College, 2014

Member National Integrative Complimentary Medicine, American Nutritional Association, Institute for Psychology of Eating, PCRM, ISHA

                                         MORE IMPORTANTLY,

A lifetime of personal experience and dedication to give "all that I can while I can."