*Research shows that within 7 years before diagnosis, a traumatic experience has occurred in your life. Sometimes its not what we are eating, but what is eating us!

We usually don't take our nutrition and overall health seriously until we are ill.  We each metabolize our food and stresses differently. We are individuals, this is not a blanket solution and why I address each guest (client) needs, holistically...the person comes first,  before the diagnosis. Address the cause, not symptoms because it all begins at a cellular level.  Dis-ease doesn't happen overnight...yet, still we ask, how did this happen?

​Create a checklist for changes have you made to "survolve"...choose one or two at a time, each week, gradually working your way to wellness. It will become your "Holistic Handbook!" 


  • I have eliminated or decreased sugar 
  • I have added more greens
  • I start my day with a protein 
  • I decrease my animal protein 
  • My protein intake is eaten before 2pm
  • I have eliminated or decreased my dairy intake
  • I have added more nuts and seeds (grind in coffee grinder if you have digestive issues)

In short,  add more cancer fighting foods and less cancer causing foods.  

Your "mantra" ...Feed the seeds, not the weeds!


To get the voices out of your head... quiet the mind, so that it is not racing with "What If's,"creating more stress and toxicity.  Have you made a practice of... 

  • yoga 
  • daily exercise, walking, tai chi, qigong
  • various energy healing therapies: jin shin jyutsu, sound healing (crystal chakra bowls, tibetian bowls, healing touch, reiki)
  • hypnotherapy
  • guided imagery
  • prayer, meditation
  • journaling

Whatever it is that will resonate and becomes part of your healing protocol.  Consistency is key. 

If you are at least one year out, I  invite you to email your story...how you "Survolved" after your diagnosis.  Lessons, coping skills learned, changes or new ways of life, work, relationships. Where you were and where you are now...the good, the bad and the ugly, roller coaster of emotions, honest, raw...and wiith your permission, use these stories as inspiration to others in an upcoming book.

*Jin Shin Jyutsu, energy is unlocked creating harmony and balance where needed. similar to acupuncture without needles and can be done as self help. Refer to jsjinc.net to download "Gentle Touch for Cancer Patients." 

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