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The power is withIN and YOU are the the reason WHY...

So much information awaits us "out there" and it is human nature to become overwhelmed with "analysis paralysis," then do it halfway or do nothing.  It is my goal to partner with you on this unexpected journey, to take each step slow and steady. Afterall, the race was won with turtle power...and a great attitude!

I'm not looking for a million "followers, I simply hope to give others what I was able to give myself in 2004...TIME.  After years of privately educating and counseling to help others, I've been asked to share the knowledge I was fortunate to have when I was diagnosed and all that I have acquired since.  It would be wonderful to help a million on this world wide stage,  but to help one is priceless. 


Learn how to Survive and Evolve into your new reality, with grace and ease.  I am here to guide you away from the rocky shoals, into clear, safe waters. Dive In or one toe at a time, but start... reach the shoreline.


BREATHE...Cancer hates oxygen, 36 deep conscious breaths throughout the day

RECIPES with Familiar, Functional and properly combined foods to introduce you to nutritional alkalinity to provide a good 'gut' bacterial flora.  Simply, at your pace.  Create your own "chemo cookbook" 


Start your day with warm water and lemon, or 1 Tbs. apple cider vinegar in 8oz water (not too will kill enzymes) to increase alkalinity and neutralize stomach acids. 

RESOURCES for various complimentary and alternative therapies and those dedicated to your well being. Take the time to Honor Yourself and Heal.


Chapter 1... Journal, "vent" or reflect...put it on paper or pound the keyboard!  

                                                                                            RELEASE FROM THE CHAINS THAT "BIND" YOU

I specialize in pH or alkaline balance, an environment in the digestive tract where dis-Ease cannot survive.  It is a " realistic"way to cook for yourself and family and still be able to enjoy a meal out.  It is the way our body was designed; to incorporate the basics of how to eat: colorful, organic, primitive and alkaline. 

This as a 'weaning' process.  I do not expect that you will become a "granolahead" overnight.  Replace, reduce and eliminate, at your pace.  This will result in a lifestyle, not a fad or quick fix.  It's purpose is to avoid revisiting this diagnosis or any other state of dis-Ease.   When we eat the Standard American Diet (SAD) continuously over the years, something is bound to 'break.'  

Small changes, Big Results...

Nutrition, or as I like to call it Oncological Nutrition.  Once we are diagnosed the bar is raised.  There are as many definitions of healthy eating as people trying to define it.   Just as a pool gets murky and green, our bodies get filled with fungus and fermentation and needs to be gently 'shocked' back into health.  Poor eating habits, or what we think may be healthy, result in illness; it does not happen overnight.

What is your idea of a balanced, nutritious meal?  Meat, potato, vegetable, salad with nuts and berries, (decaf) herbal tea sweetened with pink blue or yellow packets? 
Eating anything you want to put on weight, per doctors orders? Which usually translates to processed, sugary foods, burgers, fries, donuts, rolls.
Lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, protein, grains? The 5 a day "rule"? Paleo, Atkins, Microbiotic, Raw, Vegan /Vegetarian?
Dairy? cheese, milk, butter, ice cream? Yogurt with fruit, fruit and cheese dish?


Most of the time, when we think we are eating healthy, we are lies in how we combine our foods so that fermentation does not exist in our digestive tract.  We need to keep our internal organs supported to do their job, they're under stress too, working double time.   

We need to realize WHY and HOW as much as WHAT to eat.

I will let you know the why and how and then you choose what to reduce, replace or eliminate...Pick your small change to get your big result.  

This is a good time to get a notebook so that you can 'bite it and write it' and/or a large calendar to visually see your changes, with some practice by weeks end you will have a meal plan! 

Pick your vice...

SUGAR.   We all have heard and know how lethal sugar can be, mostly it is geared towards obesity and its related diseases.  

Sugar is a cancer feeder.  Phagocytosis, or the "pac man" effect in which the white blood cells need to fight bacteria.  If they get laden with sugar, they cannot eat up the bacteria. They are weighed down and it becomes an open invitation for toxic cells to walk in. 

Rule of thumb:  

50 grams of Sugar, which is only 10 teaspoons will reduce your immune system, the ability of the WBC to fight off bacteria by 50%

Replace with low glycemic natural raw products such as local honey (not the little teddy bear), coconut sugar, pure stevia extract, brown rice syrup, Keep your daily sugar grams down below 20. 

Please note: VEGAN/VEGETARIAN, NATURAL does not mean HEALTHY for a cancer patient  Why? Most replace sugar with Grade B maple syrup, blacks strap molasses, figs, dates, all which metabolize as a 'sugar' and not low glycemic.

AVOID the pretty pastel packets, they are all chemicals! 

DAIRY, MILK. Does not do a body is highly inflammatory, highly acidic, increases mucous in the lungs, especially as we get older.  Choose non dairy such as almond, coconut, flax, hemp, oat milks.   I suggest only yogurt and kefir for the probiotic benefit.

Eat your proteins earlier in the day, before 3 pm.  We only need 2-3 ounces of daily protein (animal) ...too much will promote tumor growth and the pancreas does not have enough enzymes to break it down during the night.  This is a reason why an Atkins or Paleo diet consisting of mostly meats and fish can be harmful to a cancer patient, in terms of excess protein and mercury levels.

Raw and macrobiotic can be beneficial about a year after treatment, when we are not as vulnerable to bacterial infection and our organs are strengthened.

Eat your fruits alone, (especially watermelon) and certainly not with a cheese platter or dairy or as toppings..WHY?  Fermentation, for one reason but moreso,
dairy has an affinity towards protein and "sucks it all up" thereby diminishing any antioxidant benefits.  There is an old saying, eat it alone, or leave it alone!

If you get a fruit cup with your meal at a restaurant, ask for a 'to go' cup and save it for your snack later on.   Keep in mind, the more ripe a fruit, the more sugar.

This site, as we are, is a work in progress...but I'm only an email, phone call or click away!